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The new version of easymock has deprecated the setReturnValue method from org.easymock.MockControl

is there a way to set a default return value for a call, or do I have to use expect(...) instead ?

I also want to mention that except for this method that I want to return a default value (any given number of times), the other methods have to be strict (ordering and call count matters)

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You can do


The checkOrder is only necessary if you are on a strict mock (or if checkOrder(true) was called).

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you are right checkOrder is only necessary for strict mock, i added it because i mostly need either a strict mock or complete freedom – Ha11owed Jan 8 '11 at 0:02

just noticed the addition of other useful features to expect

a solution to my problem can look like this:


it's still a bit more than before (in code size) but it's a solution

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