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Normaly this behavior isn't dramatic but on a Samsung Galaxy S the default AlertDialog background is blue and a normal formatted link (blue) disappears. Unfortunately the below code does not change the color of the link.

Has anyone a idea?

public void showClickableDialog(String title, String msg) {
    final SpannableString s = new SpannableString(msg);
    Linkify.addLinks(s, Linkify.ALL);

    final AlertDialog d = new AlertDialog.Builder(mContext)
            .setPositiveButton(android.R.string.ok, null).setIcon(


    // Make the textview clickable. Must be called after show()
    TextView textView = ((TextView) d.findViewById(android.R.id.message));
    // Next Line unfortunately does nothing

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I have the following in my style.xml in order to make a link orange:

<item name="android:textColorLink">#FF9900</item>

So I assume in code you just need to do this (for some reason the method name is inconsistent with the XML property):

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Setting it in styles.xml worked for me, thanks :D –  aimango Mar 29 '12 at 22:30

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