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I have a response object which I want to convert to Json, but somehow I can't, propably beacuse of I cannot the framework too well.

I'm trying to convert a anonymous object to json but somehow it doesn't go so well. I would preferably do it in JSON than just make a text/plain result.

In my controller:

ViewData["json"] = new { Ok = false }; 

In my view:

  <%: ViewData["json"] %>

In my js-code (ajax-callback) I get back the following:

{ Ok = False } 

Which ain't what I am excepting. I want the

{ ok : false } 

or else js doesn't recognize the property in the object as a boolean.

Or are there some better way to push out json-data?


I did a method in my controller with a JsonResult instead of Actionresult.

var obj = new { Ok = false, Message = "" };

    return Json(obj); 

And that's the object I'm pushing out. And like this in js:


C# 4.0 and Javascript goes along so well - it is beautiful!!!

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You'll need to use some library to format the data to json. I would recommend newtonsoft.json


You can also return a JsonResult in ASP.net mvc which will serialize your object for you.

    public virtual JsonResult Save(MyModel model)

        return Json(new { Success = true, Fail = false });

But this ActionMethod will need to be called via AJAX to get the data.

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