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I am trying to use DotNetOpenAuthto authenticated user which I am able to do. But I am not able to figure out a way to get additional parameters like email, firstname, lastname etc which are provided by the google.

The code snippet which I am using is:

<%@ Register Assembly="DotNetOpenAuth" Namespace="DotNetOpenAuth.OpenId.RelyingParty" TagPrefix="rp" %>


<rp:OpenIdButton runat="server" ID="OpenIdTextButton1"
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Several hints in my blog post How to pretty much guarantee that you might get an email address with OpenID.

In short, you need to activate the AXFetchAsSregTransform behavior:

      <section name="dotNetOpenAuth" type="DotNetOpenAuth.Configuration.DotNetOpenAuthSection" requirePermission="false" allowLocation="true"/>
               <!-- The following OPTIONAL behavior allows RPs to use SREG only, but be compatible
                    with OPs that use Attribute Exchange (in various formats). -->
               <add type="DotNetOpenAuth.OpenId.Behaviors.AXFetchAsSregTransform, DotNetOpenAuth" />

And then you need to tell the Provider that you require the user's email address. Ideally this would be done like this:

<rp:OpenIdButton runat="server"
    Text="Log in with Google"
        <sreg:ClaimsRequest Email="Require" />

However there is a bug in DotNetOpenAuth (v3.4.7 fixes this) that keeps the <Extensions> tag from working on OpenIdButton. So instead, you must add the attribute request in your code-behind. So your tag looks like:

<rp:OpenIdButton runat="server"
    Text="Log in with Google"
    Identifier="https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id" />

And your code-behind has this method:

protected void OpenId_LoggingIn(object sender, OpenIdEventArgs e) {
    e.Request.AddExtension(new ClaimsRequest() { Email = DemandLevel.Require });
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Thanks Andrew Arnott. btw the library is great :) – Ranger Dec 30 '10 at 15:26
very informative. – pqsk May 27 '12 at 22:51
Hi, the "activate the AXFetchAsSregTransform behavior:" link seems dead. Get a 404 from GitHub. Was this information moved? If so where? I'd very much like to read it again. – Marjan Venema Sep 2 '13 at 20:57

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