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I'm creating a newsfeed and It'd be helpful if I could save links in the model variable content (for example).

Can that be done?


Edit: what I want is to store in the variable :content something like: Donald(link to donald profile) has bought a box(link to box page) from user_x(link to user_x store).

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So you basically want to create a link from relations. You should NOT store the raw link in your database, but rather build it dynamically (imagine if an id changed or a product id changed). If I understand your example correctly, a purchase is a self-referencing join between users? See here for implementation setup

class User < ActiveRecord::Base
  def profile_link
    link_to "#{self.first_name} #{self.last_name}", user_profile_path(self)

  def store_link
    link_to "#{self.first_name} #{self.last_name}", user_store_path(self)

class Purchase < ActiveRecord::Base
  def product_link
    link_to self.product_name, product_path(self)

  # buyer and seller are the aliases for the self referencing user class
  def info_link
    "#{self.buyer.profile_link} has bought a #{self.product_link} from #{seller.store_link}"

where url and title are fields in your table (that you created and populated)

Then in your view:

stuff... <%= @product.info_link %>
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I've added more info of what I want. thanks –  donald Dec 27 '10 at 23:17
If this worked for you, could you please mark it as correct? –  sethvargo Dec 29 '10 at 2:55

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