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I want to dive deep into canvas and svg capabilities of modern browsers. I was wondering what are some good online tutorials, videos and books that would help someone with a programming background to start building non-trivial canvas and svg application.

Also what would be some well designed canvas/svg frameworks and libraries that one could use for reference.

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+1 Gaurav. "Dive into HTML5" is a great intro to canvas. Additionally, David Flanagan also has a new book, "Canvas Pocket Reference," which doubles as a tutorial:

Also, I recently took an SVG course through the W3C and the entire course used its official primer as the class text. I'd definitely recommend that; its got tons of examples to follow.

Lastly, check out Raphaël, a JS library to simply work with vector graphics --

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If you want to visualize datasets also check out D3.js, –  Erik Dahlström Oct 6 '11 at 8:48

For canvas, I would recommend Dive Into HTML5. For SVG, you can find some answers here.

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Here are a couple of more Canvas related resources you might find handy:

Hopefully those will help. :)

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