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Is there a way to get the HTML in a webview in an Android app? I would prefer this to getting the HTML via a simple resource download, especially if I can get HTML generated by JavaScript.

For example if I wanted a list of all URLs in a random HTML document accessible to my android application, including web apps such as gmail, how would I go about it?

The android documentation warns about letting JavaScript access the application, but I was thinking maybe a solution would be, if at all possible, to inject some JavaScript into the webpage which then communicates with my application in a hopefully safe way (via message passing or something through an iframe on a site that I control the javascript on or something similar).

Any one have any ideas?

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Is there a way to get the HTML in a webview in an Android app?

Not easily. javascript: URLs work, and addJavascriptInterface() allows you to set up callbacks that the Javascript can call. You may be able to create a snippet of Javascript loaded by a javascript: URL that obtains your DOM, or walks your list of links, or something, sending the results back to you via the callback object you registered via addJavascriptInterface().

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 a = (WebView) findViewById(R.id.web);

a.loadUrl("javascript:(function() { " +
                "document.getElementById('inputID').value='"+EditText.getText()+"'; " +
                "document.getElementById('inputID').value='"+EditText.getText()+"'; " +
a.loadUrl("javascript:(function() {IWBUTTON1_onclick(false);})()"); 
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Please add some content to your code.. – TheAlbear Dec 6 '11 at 12:28

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