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I am in stuck a canada based shipping module with wp-ecommerce plugin in wordpress.

My situation is following:

I want to setup shipping in following format, i am just wondering if you could help me how to do this.

Anywhere in Toronto $9.99 Anywhere in Ontario $15.99 Anywhere in Canda $19.99 Anywhere in World $29.99

Doesn't matter about weight size or anything else.

I can manage world shipping rate in base international field in Flat Rate > shipping modules>shipping section>settings, and made Canada as north america and change to $19.99, and base location which is Ontario $15.99 but couldn’t manage other local areas e.g. toronto! In checkout page, it shows Canada as a country, ontario as a state but not showing any city lists where i want to see toronto!

My site:

Any tips will be great help.

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i was messing around with this plugin the other day and got stuck in many places. So i searched for alternative and found wp estore. It is a far better plugin. You can customize every single part of your product or category. you should check it out . I have no affiliation with the product, just a happy user. You can do exactly what you asked for in it. check out the demo version.

hope it helps. my 2 cents.

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Thanks guys for your comments. I luckily sorted out above issues discussing with my clients and he agreed not to go with that shipping charge. His latest shipping charges are quite straight forward and I successfully implemented those.

I also modifed product page showing products in list view as client wanted. To get list or grid view one needs to buy gold-cart from instinct company who basically developed this wp-ecommerce plugin.

I modified certain php files and css file and got this sorted out. There is a one file in all themes folder in wp ecommerce plugin. One is marketplace. Inside the folder you may see list.php, it gave me the clue how to display product or even categories in a list view. Luckily I didn't buy gold cart plugin , to be honest with you guys I didn't have $40 to buy that plugin. I Just used my php, html and css skills to sort those issues out.

Have a look my website which i am developing for one client based in Canada. See the product page, you will see how the products are displayed there.

My site:

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