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Is there anything besides VLC? I need to develop a youtube player without using a flash plugin

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Here are some open source rtsp implementations:

Name         Client/Server  Language  URL     C/S            C++
darwin       S              C++
VLC          C              C
mplayer      C              C
omsp         C/S            C
              Fenice is server
              NeMeSI is client
spook        S              C
MPEG4IP      C              C
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Here is one in C# ->

That library has a RtspClient and a RtspServer.

To play the RtspStream that is all you need...

To render the output you will need something to decode the payload of the RtpPackets.

If the format is JPEG you can also use my library.

If the format is not JPEG you can use FFMPEG to get JPEG's and send them out over the libraries RtspServer to clients.

Check out the CodeProject article..

If you need anything else let me know!

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Thanks for the upvote! – Jay Dec 12 '12 at 15:09

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