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I have some files on my local Unix machine that need to be added to a Subversion repository (access via HTTPS). How do I do this?

Doing svn commit in the directory just says it's not a working directory.

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  • Checkout a working copy of the repository (or at least the subdirectory that you want to add the files to): svn checkout https://example.org/path/to/repo/bleh
  • Copy the files over there.
  • svn add file1 file2...
  • svn commit

I am not aware of a quicker option.

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Probably svn import would be the best option around. Check out Adding Projects (in chapter 5 of Version Control with Subversion, For Subversion 1.1).

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Before you can add files in an unversioned directory, you have to add the directory itself to the versioning:

svn add directory_name

will add the directory directory_name and all sub-directories: http://svnbook.red-bean.com/en/1.0/re01.html

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