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Mapping some OIDs to system commands is actually all I need However, I could not find yet a resource which explain how to compose such thing. Any idea?

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There are books about SNMP and MIBs, such as the SNMP MIB Handbook. If you want to learn by example, read some RFCs that define MIBs, such as the Printer MIB.

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The Bible of MIBs is considered to be Understanding SNMP MIBs. If you're a book sort of person, that's the recommended reading. The RFCs for MIBS are well worth reading too (RFC2578 through 79) but don't give you a great feel for the corner and "how to" cases.

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I read SNMP MIB Handbook. I was a novice of the matter and it lead me inside MIBs very easly. VERY WELL ORGANIZED. Suggested! I also bought Unserstanding SNMP MIBs, but I didn't read it. After a brief look seems to be very complete.

Good luck!

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