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The version control in our office is nearly nonexistent, which has obviously led to lots of headaches. We'd like to set something up with SVN and Notepad++... Anyone have any idea of how to accomplish this? I've started researching and came across this site:


Has anyone ever tried using this? Or anything similar? Any suggestions?

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Side note: I've been using Subversion for a while and I sometimes regret not having chosen a different version control tool. Just don't rush into Subversion without having evaluated other alternatives. –  Álvaro G. Vicario Dec 28 '10 at 9:20
Sounds pretty cool. I'm currently just using TortoiseSVN and Notepad++ separately. –  BoltClock Dec 28 '10 at 9:23

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Unless you're forcing everyone to use Notepad++, it's better to find a more universal client like SmartSVN or TortoiseSVN. From the plugin website, it looks like it's calling TortoiseSVN under the hood anyways.

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I don't mind using TortoiseSVN as the undercore technology... But I'd like to have some sort of interface to use it in Notepad++ as well –  froadie Dec 28 '10 at 9:59
@fseto - this plugin integrates TortoiseSVN and Notepad++ . it is not a separate solution. –  Obmerk Kronen Jul 6 '12 at 4:59

Tortoise SVN at: http://www.incrediblejunior.com/npp_plugins/

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The best plugin for mixing SVN and Notepad++. –  Jean-Francois T. Aug 8 '14 at 7:13

I use the bundled Light Explorer on the left pane. I just right-click a file, select 'standard menu', and there's my shell menu with TortoiseSVN. Use "Alt+A" to open the left pane.

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Using Notepad++ v6.6.9, I've installed the aforementioned Tortoise SVN plugin v. 2.195, but there are two very useful additions to the information provided to be able to make proper use of this plugin:

  • If getting the error "Can't locate SVN information", you might need to update where it finds the TortoiseProc.exe-file. To update this goto Plugins > Tortoise SVN > TSVN - Open config file and update the file location to where you have this located in your installation. (Note that you might fiddle a little bit to be able to write to this file if you are not the administrator)
  • Secondly to get the project/solution commands working you need to update where to find the solution root, and this can be done like this:
    • Open the Plugins > SolutionHubUI > SolutionHubUI - Show
    • Name your new solution, i.e. "My solution", and possibly fill in the solution dir
    • Add an attribute where key is svn_root_dir, and the value is your base svn folder (i.e. without the .svn-part)
    • Hit Save solution, and connect the solution by typing tsvn into the connections part in the upper part of the window, and then do a Save connections

After doing both of these my installation now gives me proper use of Tortoise SVN through Notepad++, and I can both do the project options, i.e. project update and project commit, and local file modifications, diffs, reverts, and so on.

Do also note that since only one connection to tsvn is possible at the time, this means that if you want to change the main project/solution, you need to add multiple solutions and even more crucial make the tsvn connections point to the correct solution!

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You can open a diff file in Notepad++ and it will display the colours as desired. Simply save the diff output with extension .diff

e.g. svn diff -c 37190 > changes.diff

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