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I am trying to create a Visual Tree Explorer application (like Snoop, Mole) which should automatically identify all desktop applications and detect whether it is a WPF app. or not. I am tring to do this in WPF. Is there any way to get all WPF opened applications. Any special API, or native functions in system dlls, etc.



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I think you can iterate through the list of all processes and for those processes who have a window, check if the window class name starts with HwndWrapper (I've noticed the WPF windows have a class name like this: HwndWrapper[DefaultDomain;;2e60e21a-8752-4daf-820b-aed289668930])

The code should be something like this:

Process[] procs = Process.GetProcesses();
foreach(Process p in procs)
    if (p.MainWindowHandle != null)
        StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder(257);
        RealGetWindowClass(p.MainWindowHandle, sb, 256);
            Console.WriteLine("WPF window");

static extern uint RealGetWindowClass(IntPtr hwnd, [Out] StringBuilder pszType, uint cchType);

with maybe some adjustments depending on your case. When dealing with such a window, one should assume it's a WPF window not take it for a certainty, so error checking must be extensive.

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Whoa, careful with expecting things you've "noticed" to be stable and consistent across all configurations and future versions!! Unless you've seen this documented somewhere, I strongly caution you against using it with any expectations. Not to mention there may very well be other processes running on a system with the class name "HwndWrapper". –  Cody Gray Dec 28 '10 at 10:32
And that is the purpose of the last sentence from my answer. –  Andrei Pana Dec 28 '10 at 10:44
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