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Where to find the information about service packs already released or planned for SQL Server 2008 R2?

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SQL Update information, for all versions, all types (Service packs and the monthly cumulative updates) is published at...

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I believe that only Cumulative Updates are released for the SQL 2008 R2. The current SQL Server 2008 SP is SP2, but it does not apply to R2.

R2 is a separate release.

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If you go towards the bottom of this KB article it is updated with the latest SP/CU for each version of SQL Server as it is released. It doesn't give a link to the KB but it is a good central point to check.

New: Microsoft has created an update center that will show the latest SP/CU currently released with a link. I'm not sure how quickly they will update this though, example being that they don't show SP1 for SQL 2012 on there yet.

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I'd try the Internet. Surely this is a simple thing to google?

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