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I want a place to store markup for my tooltips. I thought of data-* attributes, it works, but I wonder if its wrong or may cause problems ...

<a href="#" 
   title="You can edit project details like name & description" 
   data-tip="<h6>Edit Project</h6><p>You can edit project details like name &amp; description here</p>">
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This is fine; a minor side-effect is that data-* properties are invalid in HTML 4. There's nothing you can do about this except (mis)using some other existing property, which is usually worse than not passing validation.

Escaping > to &gt; is recommended to prevent problems with broken HTML parsers. Source

Escaping & to &amp; as you already do is necessary for it to be valid HTML (if the & is not followed by a space and thus forms an entity, cheers @bobince)

Obviously, you must escape " to &quot; to prevent the HTML from breaking.

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Actually you can get away without escaping & either, in this case. When followed by a space (or various other characters) the unescaped & is valid. Obviously it's totally inadvisable, and not valid in XHTML, but then the same is true of leaving < unescaped. –  bobince Dec 28 '10 at 12:25
Arguably the & in the tip should really be written as &amp;amp;, because it's HTML markup inside another layer of HTML markup! Argh. I think I'd include this as a separate shown/hidden element instead of hiding it in an attribute value. –  bobince Dec 28 '10 at 12:26

Attributes can contain parsed data (including character references), so holding HTML in a custom attribute is fine.

The problems I can see is with terminating the string early. So long as you encode quotes, you will be fine.

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