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I'm trying to post on facebook wall through my adapted FBConnect (something similar to this and I'm having a issue with strings that contain ""

public void postToWall(String message){
     Bundle parameters = new Bundle();
     parameters.putString("message", message);

     String attachment;

     if (website == null) {
      attachment = "{\"name\":\""+ name + "\"," +
   "\"description\":\""+ description + "\"" +       
     else {
      attachment = "{\"name\":\""+ name + "\"," +
       "\"href\":\"" + website + "\"," +
       "\"description\":\""+ description + "\"" +       
     parameters.putString("attachment", attachment);

E.G. if description is 'lorem ipsum' it works quite fine but for instance if description is 'lorem ipsum "blhe" bazooka' than it doesn't work.

I already tried to encode the attachment this way

parameters.putString("attachment", URLEncoder.encode(attachment));

but I get the same result. EDIT: actually with URLEncoder it doesn't work at all..

Any ideas on how to solve this?

Thank you.

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Try using escapeHtml from apache commons lang:,%20java.lang.String%29 and apply that method to all variables that possibly can contain unwanted characters.

attachment = "{\"name\":\""+ StringEcapeUtils.escapeHtml(name) + "\"," + "\"description\":\""+ StringEcapeUtils.escapeHtml(description) + "\"" +

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Thank you, it fixed the problem! :) – dwbrito Dec 28 '10 at 15:02

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