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Lets say that I have a site called


I want to rewrite requests so that when a user types in:


It should internally be rewritten to:


(I guess this is similar to the way SO question links are handled, where all questions have a unique id and a not unique title, and only the id is used to generate the page. This way an old link to a question will still work even after the title of the question has been changed)

I try to do this: In Application_BeginRequest in global.aspx I first recognizing that the requested page is a “public” page. Then I make a

HttpContext.Current.RewritePath("~/public/default.aspx", False)

In ~/public/default.aspx I then fetch the id to dynamically generate a company specific page (company logo and name for instance). This is working well on my local development environment but at the server it seems that Application_BeginRequest is not triggered. I guess this is because the requested folder does not exist?

How do I solve this problem, or are there better ways to implement this behavior?

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The question IDs are part of the REST routes. The titles are for SEO. You're probably doing neither REST nor heavy SEO. I would instead ignore the way SO does it. But yes, you want a default redirect on pages not existing. –  jcolebrand Dec 28 '10 at 14:02

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On IIS6 I used URL Rewriter (Open Source, free). On IIS 7 (or 7.5) I successfully used the URL Rewrite module from Microsoft.

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