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I've written explorer bars (band object) before and AFAIK vertical explorer bars can only be on the left side. However, I was amazed when I saw this explorer bar by HP that is docked on the right hand side instead:

A vertical explorer bar on the right hand side

I've searched up google for a bit and I can't find any resources on this. Does anyone know how to build a vertical right-sided explorer bar?

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I've played with explorer bars in the past and docking on the right isn't an option. the developers who have done this probably did it by force: injecting their HWND into the right spot and then resizing the other windows.

I suppose it's also possible they're relying on some latent feature of internet explorer that was never exposed...

I don't know why Microsoft doesn't seem to allow this type of explorer bar, but if you want something docked on the right it looks like you'll have to hack it in.

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I've just been digging into how Kutano's right-side bar works as I'd like to do the same. This doesn't directly help your question as I don't have an answer yet, but here's what I know:

Kutano doesn't appear to be a normal Explorer Bar, as there's no entry for it in HKCR\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Explorer Bars, nor does it appear in the View|Explorer Bar menu.

The following entries in the registry referencing the Kutano sidebar DLL:


  Kutano Add-on
  TypeLib {24DA2415-9F99-403F-801B-A74AE4101C27}

  Kutano Sidebar
  TypeLib {24DA2415-9F99-403F-801B-A74AE4101C27}

  TypeLib {24DA2415-9F99-403F-801B-A74AE4101C27}

  kutanoSidebarExtInterface Class
  TypeLib {24DA2415-9F99-403F-801B-A74AE4101C27}

  KutanoToolbarBtn Class
  TypeLib {24DA2415-9F99-403F-801B-A74AE4101C27}

  kutano_ie_client 1.0 Type Library

  AppID {6D6036C6-692F-4211-903B-943D94E1CCC3}

Some of these are more apparent as to what they do than others.

Delving about with Spy++ it seems to add an extra Shell DocObject View to the window hierarchy:

        Shell Embedding
          Shell DocObject View
            Internet Explorer_Server

It does leave the original in place and appears to continue to use it:

  Shell DocObject View
    Internet Explorer_Server

This seems somewhat different and more involved than your HP example, but hope it might glean some information to the same end. I've a thread about this on the MSDN Internet Explorer Extension Development forum.

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without actually creating one.. I can only assume HP queries up the food chain for IDockingWindow, sometime after setsite is called. This might allow IDockingWindow::RequestBorderSpaceDW to allocate a right side docksite.

IDeskBand Interface
    -- IDockingWindow
find IDockingWindowSite
or   IOleInPlaceUIWindow::SetBorderSpace
from the browser window.

EDIT : from the browser document.



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