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I'm using php script for pushing notification on my application. But on following line

$fp = stream_socket_client('ssl://', $err, $errstr, 60, STREAM_CLIENT_CONNECT, $ctx);"


$ctx = stream_context_create();
stream_context_set_option($ctx, 'ssl', 'local_cert', 'ck.pem');

I get an error as follows:

Warning: stream_socket_client(): SSL operation failed with code 1.
OpenSSL Error messages: error:14094416:SSL routines:SSL3_READ_BYTES:sslv3 alert certificate unknown in /Users/amit/Desktop/NotificationFolder/apns.php on line 29

Warning: stream_socket_client(): Failed to enable crypto in /Users/amit/Desktop/NotificationFolder/apns.php on line 29

Warning: stream_socket_client(): unable to connect to ssl:// (Unknown error) in /Users/amit/Desktop/NotificationFolder/apns.php on line 29
Failed to connect 0

Do any one know how to get rid of this problem?? Beside it everything works fine.

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what's your certificate password, is it given correctly and is you certificate really found in ck.pem ? How did you create your certificate?

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Yup! I've given password correctly and my certificate is found in my ck.pem. Thanks for your hand of help, but seeking more help from you. Do reply – vicky1456 Dec 29 '10 at 5:53

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