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Are $_SESSION variables stored on the client or the server?

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The location of the $_SESSION variable storage is determined by PHP's session.save_path configuration. Usually this is /tmp on a Linux/Unix system. Use the phpinfo() function to view your particular settings if not 100% sure by creating a file with this content in the DocumentRoot of your domain:

<? phpinfo() ?>

Here is the link to the PHP documentation on this configuration setting:

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As mentioned already, the contents are stored at the server. However the session is identified by a session-id, which is stored at the client and send with each request. Usually the session-id is stored in a cookie, but it can also be appended to urls. (That's the PHPSESSID query-parameter you some times see)

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+1 because you've implied that cookies do not store the contents of $_SESSION (these contents are stored on the server, so are not vulnerable to modification by the client) –  shufler Nov 11 '10 at 15:01
Excellent answer! I was searching for the question: "Why do sessions expire after deleting browser cache?". And you saved my day. –  Pupil Jun 17 '13 at 7:50
server create file sess_7nu9p0fvidvva6ouaugqcc8292 аnd on browser alert(getCookie('PHPSESSID'));//7nu9p0fvidvva6ouaugqcc8292 –  zloctb Oct 7 '13 at 7:30

They're generally stored on the server. Where they're stored is up to you as the developer. You can use the session.save_handler configuration variable and the session_set_save_handler to control how sessions get saved on the server. The default save method is to save sessions to files. Where they get saved is controlled by the session.save_path variable.

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One addition: It should be noted that, in case "/tmp" is the directory where the session data is stored (which seems to be the default value), the sessions will not persist after reboot of that web server, as "/tmp" is often purged during reboot. The concept of a client-wise persistence stands and falls with the persistence of the storage on the server - which might fail if the "/tmp" directory is used for session data.

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On Debian (isn't this the case for most Linux distros?), it's saved in /var/lib/php5/. As mentioned above, it's configured in your php.ini.

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As Mr. Taylor pointed out this is usually set in php.ini. Usually they are stored as files in a specific directory.

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I am using Ubuntu and my sessions are stored in /var/lib/php5.

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