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How to cancel asynchronous read/write without closing the socket? I use boost.asio. Thanks.

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Use socket::cancel.

Cancel all asynchronous operations associated with the socket.

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However, we note from the linked documentation: * It will only cancel asynchronous operations that were initiated in the current thread. * It can appear to complete without error, but the request to cancel the unfinished operations may be silently ignored by the operating system. – Sam Liddicott Mar 2 at 14:26
@SamLiddicott Please note that this applies only to CancelIo (Windows) , if enabled by BOOST_ASIO_ENABLE_CANCELIO – LangerJan Mar 9 at 14:28
@SamMiller That is such a relief! Thanks for clarifying! – Sam Liddicott Mar 9 at 18:26

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