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I'm using Carbon Copy Cloner to backup some files and run a shell script after the backup process has completed.

Note: You can save a scheduled backup in Carbon Copy Cloner and set it to run a specific shell script after the backup.

The shell script looks like this and works fine:


(sleep 10; /usr/libexec/PlistBuddy -c "Print" /Library/Logs/CCC.stats | tail -n 9 | mail -s "Backup completed" &

Note: The plist file CCC.stats unfortunately does not contain the name of my saved backup schedule.

But as I have several scheduled backups running every day, I get several identical emails every day. Therefore I would like to append a variable to the shell script, so that I can change the email subject to something like this: "Backup of $backupName completed"

Pass variable to shell script:
Is it possible to somehow pass a variable to my shell script, like you can do with the GET url variables in PHP? Something like this:$backupName="Just testing"

Or even better:
Just get the name of my saved sheduled backup in Carbon Copy Cloner and append it to the email subject?

The email I get looks like this:
Dict {
targetDisk =
date = Sun Dec 28 00:24:52 CET 2010
dataCopied = 0
elapsedTime = 1467.495361
sourceDisk = /Volumes/BACKUPSOURCE
exitStatus = 0

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You can pass arguments to your shell script as you would to any other program:

$ arg1 arg2 arg3

Here is a small tutorial as to how to use them in your script.

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$ ./ foo bar mysubject

can be accessed by example as positional (numbered) variables:


echo "Hello arg1=$1 and arg2=$2"

echo "here I am" |mail -s "My submject is $3"
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