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I am trying to modify the message monitoring plugin in Openfire.

I checked-out the code using svn. And i could also figure out what and where i will need to change the code. But I am not clear about rebuilding the plugin and testing my changes.

In Eclipse, I can export the "plugins.monitoring" package as a .jar, but it does not export all the classes. For example, it exports plugins.monitoring.src.web but ignores classes in sub-packages (if i am not wrong with the term) such as

How do I compile only one package and export it to .jar file?


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I got how to do this. It is to be done using ant

build.xml can be found in the build directory inside the Openfire source code

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ok. But what do you do if you rebuild the whole openfire source code after modifying the file say Do I have to take the openfire.jar and replace it with the openfire.jar after the build? – genericatz Apr 13 '13 at 15:08

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