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I would like to know how I can start an Activity from a Preference Activity.
My Scenario is like :

I have an application which display a set of images in a View. It can be GridView, or a Gallery View or a ListView.(The default view will be GridView)

On Pressing Menu, i ll get a preference Menu where i have List Preference of views (GridView/GalleryView/ListView).

On selecting a Particular View my main Activity's View which displays images should change.
I would like to know how i can implement this?

I thought of calling my main Activity by an intent which will be invoked on clicking a view in the preference Activity.

Is that possible?


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What stops you from a try? –  Vladimir Ivanov Dec 28 '10 at 14:59

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Step #1: Write a PreferenceActivity.

Step #2: Have your main activity reload the preference in onResume() and update its UI accordingly.

You do not need to "call an Activity from a Preference Activity?". Your original activity will regain the foreground once the user presses BACK to exit from the PreferenceActivity.

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Call the Activity from Preference activity should be like this.

Preference  prefereces=findPreference("key");
 prefereces.setIntent(new Intent(getApplicationContext(), NextActivity.class));
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