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In Spring annotation-based controller, is it possible to map different query strings using RequestMapping to different methods.

for example

public void writeMonday() {

public void writeTuesday() {


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Yes, you can use the params element:

@RequestMapping("/test.html", params = "day=monday")
public void writeMonday() {

@RequestMapping("/test.html", params = "day=tuesday")
public void writeTuesday() {

You can even map based on the presence or absence of a param:

@RequestMapping("/test.html", params = "day")
public void writeSomeDay() {

@RequestMapping("/test.html", params = "!day")
public void writeNoDay() {
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This showed syntax error for me(on Spring 3), but the following worked. @RequestMapping(value="/test.html", params = "day=monday") –  pMan Aug 11 '10 at 10:08
All examples worked for me on Spring 3. –  Bobo Mar 14 '11 at 19:45
if i have multiple params in url then what to do ?? –  krishan Mar 13 '13 at 12:16

or you could do something like:

public void writeSomeDay(@RequestParam String day) {
   // code to handle "day" comes here...
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@gu3st Thanx. Really worked like a charm! –  yakup May 10 '11 at 18:34

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