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I am having a domain name and web space (the web is running, its 3.5). I am working on a project in which I need to connect 2 computers over the internet.

Is it possible to do that with a simple ASP.Net website? What other things I do need to do this?



Actually I want to send the data from one computer to another in real time, I mean as we do chatting we exchange text to one another. The same thing I want to achieve.

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What does connect exactly mean? File sharing, printers, desktop, RDP, running applications.... – Aliostad Dec 28 '10 at 14:58
You have to clarify, what you want to achieve? To connect two computers its enough to call the "ping" command, which transfers a small amount of data between two computers - but i don't think thats what you want to know. – Jan Dec 28 '10 at 14:58
concentrate real hard :D – pavanred Dec 30 '10 at 14:47

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There are many ways to connect two computers and transfer data.

The most current and recommended approaches are:

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To go through NAT routers and firewalls you probably have to implement something like "Session Traversal Utilities for NAT" (STUN) or "Traversal Using Relay NAT" (TURN).

Other techniques are "UDP Hole Punching" or "TCP Hole Punching".

I also found an article about a STUN client in .NET.

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What do you exactly want? If one computer opens a web site hosted on the other - they are connected :)

You can, for example, create a web service on the computer running ASP.NET and use its functionality from the other.

Or, maybe you want connect them using sockets?

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