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I am working at a tower defense game, written in cocos2d. I have succesfully created a tile-based lavel on Tiled and have made the project read it and "print" it on the iPhone screen.Where I need help is in the placing of the turrets. How can I create a HUD layer on top of the level layer with a Turret button and have it select the specific tower node or sprite so that I can place it on the level? To sum up, I need someone to send me code so that I can:

  • Create a Turret(node or sprite).
  • Create a Hud Layer with the turret selection button.
  • Code for the placement of the tower on the level.

Any help would be honestly appreciated.

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sounds like you need to read a book, some documentation and perhaps review some tutorials and sample code found throughout various websites. I don't think anyone is going to just 'hand you the code' for achieving such a task. –  David Higgins Dec 28 '10 at 16:33

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Your best bet would be to look for answers to some more specific questions on the cocos2d forums. If you don't have any more specific question than what you have asked, you need to start some side projects to get more familiar with the cocos2d framework. A good place to start is to have a look at the examples that are included with the cocos2d source.

You can also look at the cocos2d wiki, which has links to a ton of information, including sample code.

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