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I am writing a client/server-application and when I'm testing the code I want to be able to have both the server and client in a separate terminal (+ vim). For this I thought I could use GNU Screen and divide the terminal in multiple windows (and it works great!). But I have a problem when I want to detach the whole session with windows and all. When I try to reattach the session I don't get them in windows like I arranged it, but instead they attaches like "normal" screen instances.

(I'm not great at English but I hope you can understand what I am asking for.)

Also, is there a way to change the size of a screen window? Like change the height proportions of two windows splitted vertically.


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your first question isn't possible because the regions (the way the windows are displayed) are bound to a single screen instance and not to a screen session.

C-a : resize

see man screen for more explanation of the resize command

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Oh -- that's too bad. Maybe it is possible to create a script that will accomplish this. Thank you very much for the response! Very good. –  RobertN Dec 28 '10 at 17:27

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