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Can you execute a block of Ruby code as a different OS user?

What I, ideally, want is something like this:

user("christoffer") do
  # do something


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This is running on a POSIX operating system (Linux or Mac), right? Also, why do you want to do this? – Maz Dec 28 '10 at 17:59
Ubuntu Server, yes. I have a RoR-application that is working with git-repositories for a few different users. In order to push and pull I want to run git-scripts as a specific user so that I can use that user's ssh-keys. – Christoffer Dec 28 '10 at 18:08

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This code can do what you want. Error handling is up to you. ;-)

require 'etc'

def as_user(user, &block)
    u = Etc.getpwnam(user)
    Process.fork do
        Process.uid = u.uid

puts("caller PID = #{}")
puts("caller UID = #{Process.uid}")
as_user "bmc" do |user|
    puts("In block as #{user} (uid=#{Process.uid}), pid is #{}")

Note, however, that it will require that you run Ruby as root, or as setuid-to-root, which has some severe security implications.

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