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I have one assembly XAML registered in AssemblyInfo.cs:

[assembly: XmlnsDefinition("http://schemas.mysite.es/wpf", "SWC.ViewModels")]

And In my namespace I hace these classes:

namespace SWC.ViewModels
    public class MenuViewModel 
        : ObservableCollection<MenuViewModel>
        public MenuViewModel() 
            : base()

If I use the namespace in a user control XAML,

<UserControl x:Class="SWC.UserControls.UserMenu"

I can use the class in my XMLNS namespace,

        <customMenu:MenuViewModel x:Key="MenuItemsSource">

But, when I execute the application, the compiler said

The label 'MenuViewModel' dosen't exist in the namespace XML 'http://schemas.mysite.es/wpf'

All, can help me?? I'm crazy with this problem!! Best regards,

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I think you need to specify the assembly in which your customMenu controls exist. The assembly must also be referenced from the project (in the References section).


Otherwise I don't see how the compiler can find your implementation only through "http://schemas.mysite.es/wpf". What's at that address? The two microsoft schemas


work like some identifiers for the xaml compiler, there is nothing at those addresses.

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