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I would like to create some batch scripts to move some files around. But i was wondering if there are any good resources on how to do this? Do you just use Command Line arguments?

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At its simplest level, a batch script is a text file with a .bat extension, and consists of the same commands you would enter at the command line, separated by carriage returns.

Thus, the file:

md C:\HelloWorld

Is a batch script that attempts to create the directory "HelloWorld" on your C: root.

Batch scripts can be much more complex, involving variables and flow control logic, but before you travel that road, you may want to investigate powershell and WSH.

Edit Oops... fixed the link to powershell.

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Specifically, PowerShell. –  Mark Dec 28 '10 at 18:35

Basically, you just do command-line argument. But there are certain types of variables supported, and also command-line arguments to the batch file, which you can use.


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