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It would be very nice to have an option that would show all the column numbers of the current line or maybe of all the buffer, so I could know where exactly to navigate. Is there such an option or do i have to program it myself (nooo XD)?

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:h 'statusline'

It is as easy as defining exactly what you what to see printed. e.g.

" RulerStr() comes from http://www.vanhemert.co.uk/vim/vimacros/ruler2.vim
function! RulerStr()
  let columns = &columns
  let inc = 0
  let str = ""
  while (inc < columns)
    let inc10 = inc / 10 + 1
    let buffer = "."
    if (inc10 > 9)
      let buffer = ""
    let str .= "....+..." . buffer . inc10
    let inc += 10
  let str = strpart(str, 0, columns)
  return str

let s:saved_stl = {}
function! s:ToggleRuler()
  let buf = bufnr('%')
  if has_key(s:saved_stl, buf)
    let &l:stl = s:saved_stl[buf]
    unlet s:saved_stl[buf]
    let s:saved_stl[buf] = &l:stl
    setlocal stl=%{RulerStr()}

nnoremap <silent> µ :call <sid>ToggleRuler()<cr>
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nice, ill give it a try and gonna come back with the outcome –  Arthur Dec 29 '10 at 3:09

You can use "set ruler". It will show the line number and column position at the bottom.

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i want to see displayed all column numbers, not just the current one :D –  Arthur Dec 28 '10 at 18:47
Ohh...Never heard of that, I don't know this will help or not, but u can use "<num>|" command to move your cursor to a particular col. For eg: '8|' will move the cursor to 8th column. I don't know how to display the column numbers. –  Vikram.exe Dec 28 '10 at 18:52

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