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Is it possible to obtain a Big O estimate of Math.random()?

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Is this Java's Math.random()? –  Rafe Kettler Dec 28 '10 at 18:38
Measure, measure first –  belisarius Dec 28 '10 at 18:42
What would N represent? The source is available for your inspection. –  Captain Giraffe Dec 28 '10 at 18:45
He hasn't specified the language, so how can the source be available? Since "Math.random()" is a 13 character string, it is O(1). –  GregS Dec 28 '10 at 19:40
Sorry, I didn't mean to limit it to Java. I didn't figure that the language would matter, but it appears it does. How would other random implementations differ? –  Corey Farwell Dec 29 '10 at 10:36

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I'm not sure this question makes much sense. There's no variable size input to increase gauge complexity against - you make a call (with no arguments) and you get an output.

Are you asking if the Math.random() method takes longer for successive calls? Or if it's just slower than it should be?

Remember that even algorithms with O(1) complexity can take a long time - it's just that the length of time they take doesn't depend on how much data is involved.

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The algorithm is documented, see here. It's a Linear congruential generator which ends up having complexity of O(1)

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it definitely is.. just look at how the function is implemented in the library and then apply recurrence-equations and do some math. ;)

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I guess you'll get downvoted if you don't elaborate a little bit. –  belisarius Dec 28 '10 at 19:15
@belisarius: The OP asked if it was possible, not what the answer was! –  GregS Dec 28 '10 at 19:43
@GregS Based on that criteria a simple "Yes." is a good answer. Mmmm ... I guess that is not what SO is about. –  belisarius Dec 28 '10 at 19:55
@belisarius: It is the best answer for the amount of information provided, which is not enough to even reliably guess what the OP has in mind. –  GregS Dec 28 '10 at 19:59
@GregS The OP did not say the source or docs are available ... –  belisarius Dec 28 '10 at 20:02

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