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I'm having a problem how do I move my simple Rectangle upward or downward using Touch input in Windows Phone 7. I manage to move the rectangle upward and do a hit test but how do I know if my touch input is going down?

I made a hitBox, here's my code.

        Rectangle hitbox = 
                  new Rectangle(32, 
                                GraphicsDevice.Viewport.Bounds.Height / 2 - 64,

        foreach (TouchLocation location in TouchPanel.GetState())
            hitbox = new Rectangle((int)blueBar.X, (int)blueBar.Y, 32, 128);
            if (hitbox.Contains((int)location.Position.X, (int)location.Position.Y))
                Debug.WriteLine("We’re hit!");
                blueBar.Y -= 10;
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Instead of using a rectangle to hit test a user's touch, why not try this approach:

The idea is that you just activate the "closest" UI element to the touch point ... that way you don't have to worry about messy collision detection :-)

Aside from that, here's an article I wrote about using touch points to smoothly move a sprite on the screen:

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