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I am just trying to send a basic email using Perl and MIME::Lite and I am receiving the following error: SMTP mail() command failed: 5.1.7 Invalid adderess Here is my code:


use MIME::Lite;

#Create Mail
$msg = MIME::Lite->new(
From =>'',
To =>'',
Cc =>'',
Subject =>'Subject Test',
Data =>"Data Test"

#Send Mail
$msg->send( "smtp", "" );


I ended up solving it:

sub EMailReport
    use MIME::Lite;

    my $theSubject = "Sub";

    my $theData = "Data";

    my $theEmail = MIME::Lite->new(
    From     =>'',
    To       =>'',
    Subject  =>$theSubject,
    Data     =>$theData

    $theEmail->add( "Type" => "multipart/mixed" );

    $theEmail->send( "smtp", "" );
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The correct and full error message is 501 5.1.7 Invalid Address‌​. Next time use copy & paste, this eliminates these sort of mistakes. Obviously, the syntax of the recipient addresses is wrong. Post your real code, after your redaction it no longer exhibits the problem. – daxim Dec 28 '10 at 20:15
$theEmail->add( "Type" => "multipart/mixed" ); does not need to be a separate line – Christopher Peterson Dec 28 '10 at 20:16
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You need to pass to send() the smtp arguments I think.

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