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I made a application and placed it in webapps as new folder, say appcustom.
There are some text files that I want to read.
How do I generically read rather than hardcoding the path?

Currently I am using something like this:

FileReader fr = new FileReader("webapps/appcustom/<<textfilename>>"); // read a file

How do I make it generic? Because tomorrow I may want to change the application folder name to "custApp" or something else.

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Properties props = new Properties();
   // Looks for the file 'database.properties' in {TOMCAT_HOME}\webapps\{RED5_HOME}\WEB-INF\
   FileInputStream in = new FileInputStream(System.getProperty("red5.config_root") + "/database.properties");

I found this way very helpfull in reading any file.

Here is the link of full example

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You may want to check this Streaming_from_custom_directories

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There are a few system properties that you can use in Red5, I would use this block if I were attempting to read a resource from a generic application class:

FileReader fr = new FileReader(String.format("%s/%s/%s", System.getProperty("red5.webapp.root"), appName, fileName));

The application name (ex: oflaDemo) and your file name would need to be supplied.

From an ApplicationAdapter you have access to a "usable" application name:

FileReader fr = new FileReader(String.format("%s/%s/%s", System.getProperty("red5.webapp.root"), getScope().getName(), fileName));

From an Servlet you have access to a full path:

FileReader fr = new FileReader(String.format("%s/%s", getServletContext().getRealPath("/"), fileName));
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