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i have 20 different pages and everytime someone visits my homepage i want a random page to be displayed

my code:


    case "1":
        $page = include('pages/1.php');

more cases etc. now the random part (if no specific page is called)

    $page = include('pages/ rand(1, 20) .php');

i tried using rand(1, 20) but it wont work that way. thx for your help!

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20 homepages?!?! – Jimmy Dec 28 '10 at 21:45

You have to use string concatenation and accept answers ;)

include('pages/' .  rand(1, 20) . '.php');

Btw. I don't think include has any return value so there is no need to use an assignment.

Even better would be:

$pages = range(1,20);
$page = rand(1, 20);
if(array_key_exists('page', $_GET) && in_array($_GET['page'], $pages)) {
// or $_GET['page'] >= 1 && $_GET['page'] <= 20 instead of in_array(...)
    $page = $_GET['page'];
include('pages/' .  $page . '.php');
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You probably just need to move it from inside the string so it can be evaluated:

$page = include('pages/' . rand(1, 20) . '.php');
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thx that did the trick! – alex Dec 28 '10 at 20:43

Your strings are all off, the function wont evaluate if it's inside a string. Try fixing your code up to resemble something like this:

$page = include('pages/'.rand(1, 20).'.php');
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Try $page = include('pages/' . rand(1,20) . '.php');

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A better way to avoid the long switch:

if (isset($_GET['page']))
   $page = 'pages/'.(int)$_GET['page'].'.php'; // Always sanitise user input!!!
   $page = 'pages/'.rand(1,20).'.php';

include $page;
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