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I am building a function to sort the days of the week based on the start day.

For example:

$days = array(0=>'monday',1=>'tuesday',2=>'wednesday',3=>'thursday',4=>'friday',5=>'saturday',6=>'sunday');
$startday = 1;

How do we get the array sorted so that the first key corresponds to tuesday (the startday), followed by wednesday, thursday, etc. ?

Currently I am using the uksort function but I am not completely certain how this would sort the array in the right way.

function sortbystartday($a,$b) {

 global $startday;

 if($a > $startday) return -1;

 return 1;


Maybe a user defined sort function is not the right choice to do the job. So any alternatives are welcome.

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Don't bother sorting, just manipulate the array as necessary.

Untested, but should work:

$new_days = array_merge(array_slice($days,$startday),array_slice($days,0,$startday));

Note: this will not retain the key values, so if you need that let me know and I will modify.

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Thanks, works perfect! The key values don't need to be retained. –  DADU Dec 28 '10 at 20:51

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