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Hi I wanted to know where are the Admin Menu links stored in Joomla & WordPress database?

Let me explain....

I am running Joomla and WordPress both and I wanted to integrate the back-end-menus into each other. Some Joomla Admin Menu links into WordPress back-end and similarly some WordPress Menu Links into Joomla Backend Menu.

For the same I was trying to figure out as to where can I find these links and how can I cal them?

Kindly help.

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Can you be more specific? are you talking about And can you explain what you mean by "cross-link". – BandonRandon Dec 28 '10 at 22:16
Sorry for the short question. I edited it. Please go through it again. Basically I want to create some shortcut links. For example while I am working in Joomla, suddenly I need to work on some page in WordPress I should have a link in Joomla which should take me to the Words Page Options panel. likewise some Joomla links into wordPress. For this purpose I wanted to know as to where does these applications store them so that i can call them from that location. – user551685 Dec 28 '10 at 22:30
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If you're asking about single login this isn't something that is easily accomplished. You could always try a plugin like this.

It sounds like what you want to do is to create a link inside the admin to link over to the other platform. I've never used Joomla but I'v used WordPress a lot. WordPress admin files are located at and joomla at

What I would suggest is to write a plugin that adds a WordPress Admin Page that will add links to the admin settings you need in Joomla.

The same thing for Joomla create a module that links back to WordPress admin.

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