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I've built some business objects, and I've built a "data access layer" that will read, update, delete, etc. Now I want to bind these objects to grids/text boxes/combo's etc in a WinForm's app.

I could do the manual method like:

txtName.Text = employee.Name;

and then on save do something like

employee.Name = txtName.Text;

But I'd much rather use the "RAD" features of VS 2008. I've done some googling but I'm not finding any quick tutorial that shows me what I need to do to my business objects to allow them to be "data bound". Can anyone help?

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Here is a nice tutorial on WinForms data binding:

Data Binding in .NET / C# Windows Forms

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Here is a link to MSDN knowledge about data binding against WinForms. More to reading but I think fundamental and complete.


Regards Bronek

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I think the article Create a Custom DataSource Quickly & Easily with C# 2.0 Iterators will help you do what you want.

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That is a great Link. I think every developer should understand and use Iterator Blocks where appropriate. But it's not directly answering the question. It's definitely something you'd use in your DataSource code, but that's a subsequent topic. –  Lee Grissom Jul 27 '11 at 21:02

Maybe you should get this book: ADO.NET 2.0 Step-By-Step

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