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This question is purely subjective and meant as a means to highlight the capabilities existing programmers have achieved using specific programming languages.

Browsing around Stackoverflow, I get overwhelmed with the number of "Why should I learn Python/Ruby/PHP/.Net/jQuery..." (that are purely subjective questions on their own regard) and the list goes on. Most answers, although good, are usually battles from language A programmer to language B programmer detailing why one piece sucks more than another.

People can discuss the theoretical benefits of one over another but in the end, money/glitz talks and the rest walks. I am more interested in the potential opportunity that can come from one language or another over others. A little background, I am a project manager turned novice 'programmer' out of corporate necessity within the small company I currently work with so I have both relatively no set preference or experience, more out of curiosity. While I realize all are not created equal and for similar things, I think it would be interesting to start a list of the best websites / web applications built on specific languages/frameworks just to highlight the possibilities with each and give somebody like me motivation to say "How the heck was that done? Time to buy a book/take a class and learn."

Tell me and I will forget,
Show me and I will learn,
Involve me and I will understand
- Teton Lakota

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It appears there is some confusion as to my question - I am NOT looking for an understanding of the advantages of one language over another. I want to build a list people have for the best sites (in their opinion) built on specific languages. –  JM4 Dec 28 '10 at 21:59
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In the spirit of Involve me and I will understand, see another SO question for ways to find out what technologies a particular website uses.

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I believe Stackoverflow.com was built with ASP.NET MVC. Facebook and Yahoo are mainly PHP. Twitter used to be Ruby on Rails.

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Every website could theoretically be made with any Turing complete programming language, and knowing this, one should go beyond asking oneself "wow, if this ultracool website is build with language X, I must learn X to do something similiar!"

Languages and frameworks are tools. How they are used matters. Listed are some things you should consider:

  • ease of use - it shouldn't take a Ph.D to use a language (Haskell is fine, by the way)
  • ease of maintainability - if you can't understand your code a week after you wrote it, how can you understand somebody else do to the same?
  • amount of resources - is hosting cheap and available for your language? is hardware a bottleneck?
  • amount of talent - you can use the best language and framework in your opinion, but if nobody else is using it, you might have trouble later on finding somebody to continue your work and maintain it if needed

I could go on and on, but that's not the point. The point is: choose a technology that at least to some extent satisfies mentioned requirements and start using it. Experience is your most important asset.

Update: I'll add some web sites I find nice and technologies they use:

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i like your answer from a technical perspective so I voted up, however, it does not answer my question at all. See my comment below @dqhendricks answer –  JM4 Dec 28 '10 at 21:55
I don't think Gmail was built using GWT, although Google Wave's front-end interface was. –  Abdullah Jibaly Dec 28 '10 at 23:07
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just to highlight the possibilities with each

The possibilities for all of them are the same. What might differ is programmer's preference for toolchain, language, how much the heavily lifting the framework does for you (caching, session tracking, etc.), ease of deployment, etc. Another important delineation might open source vs closed source. For instance, Facebook might not have been able to meet it's scaling challenges without being able to tweak the tools they use for their own purposes (I'm kinda talking out of my ass here; e.g. guessing).

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like darioo above, you fail to answer the question I asked. Why people read it and think I am looking for 'what is the best programming language' is confusing to me. I am simply trying to create a list of 'interesting/awesome/etc' sites built on specific languages or frameworks. Also - the possibilities are nowhere near the same to address your first point. If you can create a full scale animation with dynamic responses solely in PHP like a flash animation would, you might be the most talented programmer on the planet. –  JM4 Dec 28 '10 at 21:58
I'm simply trying to create a list of 'interesting/awesome/etc' sites built on specific languages or frameworks Exactly, to "highlight the possibilities of each", which is the same. The limiting factor is not the particular language/framework (or it would never be used), it's HTTP, HTML, CSS, JS, etc. the possibilities are nowhere near the same [..] flash animation Flash/Java/Silverlight/ActiveX/etc. are native applications, associated with web programming only because their runtimes typically plugin to web browsers and apps for them can be served by HTTP servers. –  Mud Dec 28 '10 at 23:23
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