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If possible I want to catch pressure sensitive input from a Wacom tablet in Python. Are there any Python libraries available that can do this?

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You could perhaps take a look at the software described here. It is a gnome applet, written in Python.

From the web site:

"The gnome wacom applet is a small gnome panel applet that shows how much pressure is being applied to your wacom tablet by the current device. Clicking on the panel icon brings up a dialog allowing you to select a different device and check what pressure and tilt information is being recieved from it. This dialog also contains a small drawing test area to give your pen a quick test."

Google is your friend

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For Mac OS X:

A small Python library to allow Python scripts to access pen tablet input data in Mac OS X.

The library exists as plain C code compiled as a dynamic library/shared object. It interfaces with the Mac OS X's API to get data on pen tablet input.

Then, Python scripts can use ctypes to get the data.

Send me a message if you have any problems with it.

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Pressure data is available in PyGObject to access Gtk+ 3 on multiple platforms, though "Windows users may still want to keep using PyGTK until more convenient installers are published." [citation] Motion event objects generated by pressure sensitive devices will carry pressure data.

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