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Consider I'm having a couple of documents indexed with Solr 4.0. Each has 2 fields - unique ID and text DATA field. DATA field contains few paragraphs of text. Who could advise me what kind of analyzers/parsers I should use and how to build statistical query to find out sorted list of most frequently used words in all DATA fields of all documents.

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for the most frequent terms look into the terms- and statistical component

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besides the answers mentioned here, you can use the "HighFreqTerms" class: its in the lucene-misc-4.0 jar (which is bundled with Solr).

This is a command line application which lets you see the top terms for any field either by document frequency or by total term frequency (the -t option)

Here is the usage:

java org.apache.lucene.misc.HighFreqTerms  [-t] [number_terms] [field]
   -t: include totalTermFreq

Here's the original patch, which is committed and in the 4.0 (trunk) and branch_3x codebases:

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For ID field use analyzer based on keyword tokenizer - it will take all the content of the field as a single token.

For DATA field use language specific analyzer. Notice, that there's possibility to auto-detect the language of the text (patch).

I'm not sure, if it's possible to find the most frequent words with Solr, but if you can use Lucene itself, pay attention to this question. My own suggestion for it is to use HighFreqTerms class from Luke project.

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