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I have an XML ResponseXML object. I'd like to loop throught all nodes called "XYZ". How do I do this?

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possible duplicate of How to parse XML in VBA – Cody Gray Dec 29 '10 at 1:20
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Here are some functions you can use for parsing your XML:

Private xml As MSXML.DOMDocument

Private Sub loadXMLFile(xmlFile)    
    Set xml = New DOMDocument
    xml.async = False
    xml.Load (xmlFile) 
End Sub

Private Sub loadXMLString(xmlString)    
    Set xml = New DOMDocument
    xml.LoadXml (xmlString) 
End Sub

Public Function getNodeValue(xpath As String) As String    
    getNodeValue = xml.SelectSingleNode(strXPath).Text    
End Function

Public Function getNodes(xpath as string) As IXMLDOMNodeList            
    Set getNodes = xml.SelectNodes(xpath)
End Function

Public Function getNode(xpath as string) As IXMLDOMNode
    Set getNode = xml.SelectSingleNode(xpath)
End Function

See MSDN for more information about MSXML:

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Worth remembering that DOMDocument is a synonym for DOMDocument30 (i.e. MXSML v3.0) and that any more recent version has to have the full version specified as in DOMDocument60 (for MSXML v6.0) - see and… – barrowc Jan 11 '11 at 1:43

You may find useful to be able to parse an XML object in VBA.

See this question: How to parse XML in VBA


Specifically This Answer covers your problem

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