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I'm trying to create a help system for a software application. The interface is written in WPF. I have an XPS file (produced from a Word doc) that I want to access from the application. The XPS file contains hyperlinks that redirect within the XPS file. I can display the file using the DocumentViewer control, but the hyperlinks don't work. (When I view the same XPS file in the XPS Viewer, the hyperlinks work.) I'm new to WPF, so I may be overlooking something, but I've been trying to make this work for a week now and though I'm learning along the way I'm not getting anywhere with the task at hand. I'd greatly appreciate any help. -Dave

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I know this is old question, but to anyone looking for an answer, I think the problem is that hyperlinks work only within a navigation container - Frame or NavigationWindow, so you must place DocumentViewer in navigation container.

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