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Netbeans seems to say in several places that it supports a library to just host the "Netbeans editor" widget in some other program. It has some weird documentation that seems to say a lot, but doesn't really say much about how to use it: http://bits.netbeans.org/dev/javadoc/org-netbeans-modules-editor-lib2/architecture-summary.html

I can't seem to find any download for the "Netbeans editor library" (1 or 2), and the documentation they provide says to download the entire mercurial repository, which doesn't really help me, since it doesn't tell me what is part of this "library" and what is not.

If someone could point me to a download for this library, or some minimal documentation about how to use it, that would be great. I've already seen the blog post here, but it doesn't really help with getting the library, and it seems to be talking about classes which I can't find in the Netbeans sources I downloaded (Maybe a different version?)

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The NetBeans editor is part of the NetBeans platform and thus is part of either NetBeans IDE itself or the separate platform download.

The platform itself can be downloaded from here: http://platform.netbeans.org/platform-get.html

But I'm not sure if you can use a platform module outside a platform application. If that should be possible it most probably will be a very complicated thing to do.

You might want to have a look at this article: http://platform.netbeans.org/tutorials/nbm-htmleditor.html which explains how to create a standalone HTML editor based on the NetBeans platform by simply customizing the platform.

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