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I would like my canvas application to obtain time-zones of my user's friends.

I tried doing it with the Graph API but all I can get is their names, locales and a few more (even when using the access_token). When using FQL the timezone field is always empty.

  1. Is there a way to achieve this?
  2. If so, could you please point me in the right direction?


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I guess this is not possible, only the following fields were retrieved when calling $this->facebook->api("/friend_ID");:

    [id] => 
    [name] => 
    [first_name] => 
    [last_name] => 
    [link] => 
    [gender] => 
    [locale] => 
    [updated_time] => 

Now in the documentation, the above fields are the fields marked Publicly available, in time the timezone field is Available to everyone on Facebook which sounds like the same but apparently it's not, anyway I've found this interesting article for a moderator on the facebook forums (not a developer!!)

Also tried the old rest lib, first get a list of your friends from the console and then add your ID and put them in the test console of the users.getinfo method, UIDs looks like your_id,friend_id,friend_id,friend_id,friend_id and fields timezone you'll only get your timezone.

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Thanks for your help! That's what I thought. However, link and last_updated fields are marked as Available to everyone on Facebook, not Publicly Available... They are inconsistent. I guess I'll use the bugzilla and see what Facebook say – Bartek Dec 29 '10 at 20:30

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