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I'm using JRebel with Scala and I'm quite frequently experiencing the need for restart of server due to the fact that JRebel is unable to load a class if the superclass was changed. This is done mainly when I change anonymous functions as I can deduce from the JRebel error desription:
Class 'mypackage.NewBook$$anonfun$2' superclass was changed from 'scala.runtime.AbstractFunction1' to 'scala.runtime.AbstractFunction2' and could not be reloaded.
Is there any way, how can I design my code to avoid this? Does scala compiler take the functions, numbers them from one as they appear in source code?

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The numbers that are changing refer to the number of function arguments. An AbstractFunction1 is a one-argument function, while AbstractFunction2 is a two-argument function. One way to work around this would be to curry or tuple your functions so that they're always one-argument functions.

And, yes, anonymous functions are automatically named as you suggested. If you insert a new anonymous two-arg function before an existing anonymous one-arg function, it will appear as if the type of the original function changed.

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