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I am attempting to turn an iPhone app into a Universal App with a simple UISplitView for the iPad. I have added the following to the App Delegate:

> UIUserInterfaceIdiomPad) {
>         [window addSubview:splitViewController.view]; 
>         [window makeKeyAndVisible];
>     } else {
>         [window addSubview:tabBarController.view]; 
>         [window makeKeyAndVisible];
>     }

However, it doesn't give me the option in IB to add a UISplitViewController in the MainWindow.nib. So, after creating a new nib and adding the App Delegate object, I linked up a SplitViewController with the splitView that I declared in the App delegate - however when I try to run it on the iPad simulator, it is still showing up as an iPhone App running on an iPad. (@ 1/2 size) Any thoughts?

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This sounds like an issue with your Project/Build settings rather than code at this point.

Select your Target, choose Get Info and make sure your Targeted Device Family is set to iPad/iPhone on all your build configurations, then do a clean build and try again.

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