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I need to create one sphinx project for each module,

and each module share some common rsts, like company info, license, etc.

My project tree is like this:



I write this in ./device1/index.rst, and it is not worked, how could I import parent rst files?

.. toctree::
   :maxdepth: 1

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I found a way to do this:

.. include:: ../intro.rst

but it will include all the texts... maybe it is the only way?

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I personally couldn't figure out how to modify the source search path, so I ended up modifying the make file to create symlinks for all *.rst files in the sphinx build directory.

foreach f ( `\ls OTHER_DIR | egrep '.rst$$'` ) \
    ln -s -f $$f BUILD_DIR \

(This presumes you're using Linux/Unix.)

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